Check for a specific fuctiionality


Is there a way I can check for a specific funtionality in nav 2009 r2.I mean i have a customized field on my item card.I am not sure where it has been used in how many tables,reports,forms,codeunts etc or any object for that matter.

Initailly it was used but now client wants it to make blank.How do i figure it out making that field blank will have wat after effects & also how do I see whcih objects the code for that speciifc field is written.Is only debugging a option.(The person who addedt this field is no longer with the company & i do not have any knowledge transition for the same).Can some1 help me out?

you need a “where used” function.

the OM-tools from contain such a tool.

also follow

and the “where used” tool from the developers toolkit


also follow