Check Box - to make form editable

is it possibel to add a check box, that when ticked makes a form editable? is it possible without adding code?

The short answers: Yes and No, but it can vary depending on the exact situation. You have to give more details…

i have a basic form, which has a list of Alias Email Address for a customer. it has 3 field that can be entered through text boxes: Alias No. Email Address Enabled (check box) the bottom half of the form is a list view of the same table data just for reference. i want the user to be able to create, ammend and delete these alias. But they must ick a Check box first.

Sorry my friend. You will not be able to do that without code. Even if the code is just to set properties of the list view. The limited amount of properties that you are allowed to access at runtime that is.

Check out the CURRFORM properties EDITABLE or perhaps INLINEEDITING. A word of caution, though: don’t invent new standards; Navision works a certain way and users might as well get used to it.

InlineEditing looks like a good suggestion. Beware with setting the CurrForm.EDITABLE property to false when someone unchecks your CheckBox control because the CheckBox itself will also be disabled! [:D]

i had tried CurrForm.Editable, it doesnt really work. it is just greyed out, not really a new satndard, i have ssen it ina few other installation of 2.6 think i will have to wait until the company sorts out its developers licence, so i can do the code behind it.

Perhaps the installations where you saw this design were also customized? I can’t remember any standard object with such an user interface…