check # Already exists

Dear All,

While im making a payment in AX-2009 on posting system shows me this error “Check 18256 already exists. The job has been canceled”. while the check is on created status, its an urgent payment and i need urgent help.



Can you check the check form in bank module and make sure that the check is not used.

Also, can you try with another check number?


sorry for such late reply,

Bro I am done with that issue. thanx for support

Sorry again for late reply…:slight_smile:

Thanks Syed, What was the issue and how did you solved it? Asking as it may help others.



User update new bank account, in its setup bank check number method “fixed” with check no. is on created status.

that was issue. i resolved it by deleting all unused check nos. and in setup check number method on “Free”