Charting your Navision data

Hi all I have recently downloaded the two charting tools from the download area at And they’re some great tools. You should try them out. I’m already waiting for the next releases of the tools. The good thing about using such charting tools are that you don’t need to use the Excel Automation Control to accomplish generating charts. The drawbacks of course are that you are using beta releases, but it’s fine by me. Regards Miguel C.

Why don’t you want to use Excel Automation files?

…I didn’t mean the charting tools aren’t good enough… I was just wondering if there is a reason not to use Excel automation… I’m just wondering if my own projects have some undiscovered bugs. So, if you know some realy hard to discover bugs I’d be glad to hear it. … It’s just that I was re-reading my reply, and thought that it needed to be explained.