Chart of accounts


I’m just new in NAV, hope you can help me out with this.

I’ve installed a UK version of NAV and now i want to setup the portuguese chart of accounts. Is there any rule, for exemple, accounts should have at least four digits ? Do i just insert the lines?

Many thanks


Hi and welcome to forum!

You should start from empty company. (Create New) It’s very difficult to change all the setups in Cronus DEMO company.

Which version are you using? There are special tools for inserting/importing startup data. In the latest NAV 2013 it’s called RapidStart.

Finally answer to your question - no, there are not any NAV-specific rules for CoA number format while you use logical numbering, but all real CoA I’ve seen follow the common logical principles from accounting point of view.
However,in NAV there are specific types of accounts in addition to “posting” accounts - different types of totaling.

PS You are new to DUG - please look around and choose the appropriate forum for your questions - among other issues it will speed up getting answers :slight_smile:

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