chart of accounts

Can anyone help me to expalin the best way to create a COA. We are currently Imp. Navision. Explain Dim. Code etc…

Hi Krishna This really depends upon the requirements of the end users - the ability to total - view this in different areas, analyse by dimensions, post from posting groups, analuse periodic movement. Does the customer require sales in the GL to be product lead, area lead, both? Whilst so much hangs off this, in itself it is also important to see the analysis of the GL. Ultimately the best way to create them depends upon your customer - ask them what they want, and make the system do it.

Hi Krishna, Normally I follow the below steps to arrive at the COA decision 1. Come out with a Draft COA which will be based on the customers existing COA 2. Finalise all the posting groups 3. Finalise all the Dimensions (cost centers, departments etc) and its implication on the COA 4. Decide on the GL Reports and Financial Reports required by the Management 5. Finally fine tune the COA based on the above requirements Cheers,