Chart of accounts (Transaction) AX 2009

Hi Guys,

I need help on adding a checkbox column to keep the value ticked on chart of accounts > transaction.

Basically account transaction is non clickable on the overview fields.

When I add a new checkbox on the overview grid. It’s non clickable.

I need to make the newly added checkbox to be tick / un-tick.

Your help will be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



Hi ,

Form → LedgerTransAccount → DataSource → LedgerTrans → Properties AllowEdit → No

For Standard they have given the entire DS should not editable. For your requirement change the Allowedit to Yes and add your field in this grid and except your field give all the fields as allowedit → No in Control level.

if it is helpful to you , Pls verify this post.



Can we know about the Business Scenario where you require to edit/ modify the posted transactions? This is not a recommneded practice.

Hi Sachin Ahuja,

Basically the user require a checkbox to tick those record of row that has been checked by them manually. Hence the additional editable checkbox is just for their convenient way of checking the records.

Can I have some advice regarding this issue? How shall I add a additional checkbox without changing the standard properties?

Thank you

You can suggest user to use Journal Approval System for this purpose.


You can have this checkbox created in New Table and join this through Voucher Number and track the same through new table.

Hi Sachin Ahuja,

Thanks for your advise. Will try it !

Thank you!