Chart of Accounts issue

I know that I can go To General Ledger>COA and select an account and from there I can Go to Related Information>Account>Dimensions and see here the Dimensions that I have assigned to that account as below.

There is no existing report for this. But if you have a developer with you, you can ask him to create a flowfields on G/L Account table for all posibble dimensions and its value posting types. After inserting these flowfields, you need to update the G/L Account form.

Depending on whether you have access to it or not (a developer certainly would), you can run table 352 - default dimensions.

This will give you a view on all defaults used. Table ID is 15 for G/L accounts.

If you have a form designer license (or a friendly developer) - they would be able to create a form of this information very quickly.

Naturally, before anyone shoots me down in flames, before you start “running” table data, please be aware you could delete important data from a table view, so it is not something for the end user…

Thanks for your comments.