Chart of Account

I want to know while designing COA which format is beneficial.

a) To maintain single control account for Vendor, Customer and Inventory


b) to maintain different category wise control account for Vendor, Customer and Inventory

which one is benefial for account scrutunity

plz advice



in fact, what is beneficial is how the board, management, c.f.o or finance executives want to read the gl. you will need to consult back to financial key people in your company.

Usually accounting Dept --as Joe already wrote-- determines structure of CoA, but you as Navision specialist must help them in this process, to gain normal balance between detalisation level of CoA and use of Dimensions for further detalisation.

For example, there could be only one Revenue acc, splitted into details only by Dims, or maybe more appropriate are several GL Revenue Accs -Domestic, Foreign or Big/Medium/Small clients or whatsoever- which then are further detalised by Dims for Product types/groups…

In a word - it depends of concrete company’s business, no ready recipes here.