Charge items reports


I’m still trying to get the hang of NAV, well anyways my question is can we pull reports on charge items? I know I can on inventory but do not see a way for charge items. I went to the list and looked at valued entries but that doesn’t seem right, the invoiced qunatity has a value of 0, when there is clearly Posted invoices with those charge items in it. Also i would want to see what’s on order so we can get an accurate amount. Thanks in advance

Yes, Value Entry is a good place to look at. Check the field of [Item No.] & [Charge Item No.]

However, the Invoiced Quantity is for Item itself.

Notice the idea of [Charge Item] is to add other costs into [Item] itself as it’s purchase cost. ie, cost to acquire, get access to.

So it reflects reasonably that buying something cheaper from far far away , is actually not that cheap if you included [charge item] of freight charges into purchase costs.

which means, Item Charges must and only must assigned to particular Item and purchase line.

Knowing this would help to understand why item charge has recorded so oddly in Value Entries, that doesn’t count as Invoiced Quantity. ( Becuase it’s “assiged” , not “invoiced” )
and creating Value Entries G/L Entries everywhere.


If you are running on Dynamics NAV 2009 (R2) I would suggestion you to install powerpivot to excel and get the table Value Entry filtering on the Charge Type. By doing it like this you don’t have to do a lot of programming - A sample Excel report can perhaps be enough depending of your purpose/use of the resulting dataset.

As a NAV developer we seems to be totally blindfolded, but the fact is that in many cases other ways of getting the information from a NAV table could be easier and faster with other tools than C/Side code. PowerPivot is an excellent way of this !

Filter in Value Entries

Look at the field Item Charge No and filter on Entry Type=CONST(Direct Cost)

You will get all charge Item.