Charge Item for OutBound Freight Cost

Hi I have a customer that is about to use Charge Items in 3.60 to handle landed cost / Freight expenses for Lots. It works perfect for inbound freight cost, they write the PO with a charge item line and points to the receipt line (if freight invoice received later). The problem is that they also have outbound freight cost (i.e. a carrier handles the outbound freight and sends my client an invoice for that). Now we thought that it would work by just on the PO to point to the sales shipment line for a charge item line and then post the po, but if doing this an error comes up: “Applies to Item Entry must not be 0”. Furthermore I can see in NSC Forums and here that people are having problems with charge items and Lot No.s in 3.60, do you suggest me to start using it or wait for somekind of fix and how do I get around the above error?

I also have a customer interested in this but I’ve tested it in GB3.60 and it works fine. Create test item with lot tracking. Create PO, receive and invoice. Create purchase invoice for shipping charge and assign to receipt line. Create SO, ship and invoice. Create purchase invoice for shipping charge and assign to sales line. Everything posted OK and the item statistics, profit, COGS, etc all look correct. Or am I doing something different?

Hi Adam Well I always learn something new :-), I found out the error occurs because the shipment happened on a different location (i.e. green) in the system and the charge item was written up on blank location. Once the charge item line location is equal to the shipment lines location it works. The functionality makes sense now, but the error message dont for an end user :slight_smile: