chapter 13 of financial manual NA 3.7

Dear All, I would like to ask you about chapter 13 in the NA. 3.7 financial mgmt manual. It really makes me dissappoint to microsoft dynamics, because the chapter must be available in all manuals but WHY only in the financial manual ? I don’t really understand how this could be happened. So, I don’t know if the chapter still available in all manuals of NAV 4. SP1 ? Could you pls send me the pdf of financial management NA 4.0 SP1 to my e-mail ? Any reply and answer and sending of pdf to me will be thankful. Rgds, Mark <Edited: Please if you need a file ask someone to upload it to the download section, we don’t want to start another me too thread, also the forum is about sharing, so lets mak it available to everyone.>