Changing work centre group on existing work centre


We modified/repurposed few machines from different departments/work centre groups and would like to group them together under a new department & a new work centre group.

Is it possible to re-assign already existing work centre, with multiple transactions to a new work centre group?
I can change the department / dimensions / cost categories etc., but work centre group is locked.

Also, is there a standard functionality within AX to update all item routes with the new specifications (i.e. new cost category)?

Thank you,


Since you use the term work center, I’m guessing you are on AX 2009 or before. Provided that is the case there is no standard way to change workcenter groups. Unfortunately the same is true with your routings.

If you have a developer on staff, it would not be that hard to write a script that could change the cost category and other necessary things.