changing the size of two tableboxes like in explorer

I have a form with two tableboxes. In a program like explorer, you can drag the bar between the treeview and the right side of the screen. Could it be done to do the same between two tableboxes in navision? Has anyone done this? Thanks

It can’t be done as smoothly as in explorer. You can, however, do some of it by adding two command-buttons (i.e. “<” and “>”) that changes the tab-control’s XPOS and WIDTH. It can be a bit tricky, but all of a sudden it works :wink: BUT! There is a MAJOR drawback in doing this! The form simply “forgets” it’s glue settings, and then the window is pretty messed ud if the user down-scale the window. For some reason it isn’t saved in the zup file, so if the user close and opens the window again, it is back to normal. Regards Peter

Really you can save this values in ZUP file. You need create variables for XPos,YPos… and put not visible EditBoxes anywhere in the form. In this case system saves Values of this variables in ZUP file (Form options SaveValues must be Yes). In the OnOpen trigger you can restore form position. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

And you can write code to resize the controls when the user resizes the form. I’m pretty sure you can check the forms width and height. With those values you can recalculate the controls width and heigth. Dennis van Es PerCom: Research & Development BV The Netherlands

I just created a simple form with a tablebox and a subform next to eachother. I placed two buttons below them. Pressing the left button makes the tablebox smaller and moves the subform to the left. Pressing the right button, makes the tablebox wider and moves the subform to the right. Resizing the form, does NOT mess up the form. So the glue settings are saved. Dennis van Es PerCom: Research & Development BV The Netherlands