changing the properties of a control

hi,everybody i have a simple problem : i have a card fom with 2 buttons on it, let’s say button1 and button2.Now what i want is when i push on button1 the caption of button2 and the color of button2 has to change.sounds simple but somehow i am not able to use any of the controls in a code unit or even in a trigger. How does it come if you make a control on a form you can’t access the control or the properties in coding. best regards, Naessens Wendy.

Because many objects have some of the properties only available at design-time, not at run-time. This is valid for all object orientated programming languages, although Navision did choose to have only a few properties changeable. Which one can be seen at design-time by calling up the functionsbox (F5), scroll to CurrForm, Controls, then click on the → arrow underneath the list to scroll one column to the left. Note that only those controls which got an explicit name will show up in the list. For changing a button’s appearance, however, it’s quite common to put 2 buttons on top of each other, and use the Visible property to show the one or the other. John