Changing the GL posting account in a PO

I’d like to change a GL posting account in PO (Dynamics AX). I’ve gone to the setup tab in the lines area and input the GL code I’d like to post to. The packing list still defaults back to the Item Group posting setup code.

This is for Office Supplies but I want to post it to another GL (like Travel) without having to load my inventory items and groups up with non-inventory accounts just to get the packing list to post to another GL. How can I do this?

Defining the ledger on the line will make this the expense account once the invoice is processed. It has nothing to do with the packing slip - post it and reconcile the account entries.

As per Standard AX 2012 product each item is mapped with a single item group. Linkage between item and ledger code is based upon the process cycle (i.e. Sales , Purchase , Production , Inventory etc.). It can be defined Item code wise , item groups wise, vendor code wise and procurement category wise.

We have scenarios where in , we need to define multiple Ledger codes against a single Item/Item Group. For E.g:


Stationary items with item code say ST10001 is purchased.

If used for office then it will be accounted in Ledger code “printing and stationary”.

If used for training purpose it will be accounted in Ledger Code – “training expense”

Kindly suggest a way forward.