Changing Tab Control

I would like to change a tab to a different tab depending on a drop box selection

For example I have a Tab Control with 3 tabs, Tab1, Tab2, and Tab3

The Form has a drop box that basically says Tab1, Tab2, and so on.

when a user selects Tab2 then Tab1, and Tab3 are not visible

Is this possibel

No you can’t make tabs (in)visible at run time.

As Daniel says you can’t do it this way. Instead find and older verison of NAV and take a look at form 330 and copy the idea used there.

In case you don’t know what that means… In older versions of NAV, there were no menusuites but one big Main Menu form, with a row of buttons on the side for each functional area and a subform for each functional submenu form, put right over eachother, with the same sizes and positions. When you click any of thsoe buttons, it would make the subform visible that corresponds with the functional area.

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