Changing Status Of Planned Production Order

Hi, My customer is having a problem with production orders as follows : when they try to change the status of a planned production order to Released (Functions->Change Status->Released->OK) they get the following error : There is no Prod. Order Line within the filter. Filters: Status: >=Released, Prod. Order No.: RP06/00013 RP06/00013 is the next number for released production orders. The strange thing is this only happens for one particular user, regardless of which computer they login on. All other users are working fine. I have already tried : 1. Deleting the ZUP file 2. Completely removing the user’s login from Navision windows logins and the SQL server and recreating from scratch followed by synchronising. Any ideas/help appreciated. My setup is : Navision 4.00SP1 (GB), SQL Server 2005 (windows authentication), roaming profiles Thanks, Jonathan

Hi Jonathan Can you give the user super rights and see if it works then? Would just like to rule out permissions as an option.