Changing Status from Released to Firm Planned?

Is there a way to change the status of a production order from Released back to Firm Planned?

All our Productin Orders were Released accidently.


I am afraid that as such in the standard product there is no provision to change the status backward. All change status process move the status 1 step forward.

If you are an end-user, you should contact your implementation partner for doing this.

how about the copy document function? i could use this to copy a released produciton order to a firm planned order, but is there a way to copy multiple documents at once?

From F1 (Help):


The “Copy Document” batch job does not copy component and routing information.

So be careful about that and what will you do of the Released Production Orders created earlier?

you’re right…i tried this in a test environment and the components and routing would have to be refreshed manually…as for the released orders I was planning on deleting them after they were all copied…again we’re talking about over 3000 orders here, so if there is no way to do this as a batch…

what are the consequences of having all these orders released? other than it being very confusing as too what is a valid order. are there any financial reprecussions? like these orders showing up on WIP reports or having any costs posting to G/L?


Assuming they are generated from a plan and do not have started consumption you could delete them, rerun the plan and re-firm them, otherwise you are stuck with them as released.

thanks for the help…we’ve modified the code behind a Re-Open Production Order function to change the status from Released back to Firm-Planned.

this seems to work.

You need to make certain that there is no output or consumption posted against the released production order.

yes. we’ve found that if there is consumption or output, and we change status back to firm planned, then back to released, the consumption is still there. but, if we change back to firm planned and then delete the order for whatever reason…the consumption just kinda dissapears…we’re still trying to find out what happens to it.