Changing SMTP port on Codeunit 400

Dear Sir,

Currently I’m trying to send SMTP mail thru Codeunit 400. I have received a Hotfix (KB981354) from partnersource to change the default port 25 to 587 for in the aforesaid codeunit.

I have done almost the same as written in the Article (KB Article Number(s): 981354).

Still I’m not able to send any emails due to the following error message :

“ The SMTP mail system returned the folloeing error message: The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not Authenticated. The server response was:5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. b11sm2417142rvf.10 “

I’m working in Window XP (SP3) machine which is itself my Native Database Server Machine. Navision Version is : Nav 2009 SP1 (IN).

What is the reason behind it ?? Kindly reply.

With regards,

Subrata Bauri

Hello Subrata,

Were you able to get this issue resolved? One of my clients wants to use SMTP.GMAIL.COM for the SMTP server for their document approval and I’m getting this same error. Codeunit 400 uses the automation ‘Microsoft Navision Mail’.SmtpMessage which does not allow me to interact with the “TLS” requirement of the Gmail SMTP server.


It working fine as we are using it for sending the mail. In the application we have set authertication type as ‘Anonymous’

Just try this may resolve your problem