Changing Quantity on Special Orders

Hi Guys, strange one this, haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere before, so here goes… Why can you change the quantity field on a special purchase order line that is linked to a sales order, yet if you try to change the quantity on the sales order line then it will error as it is asssociated with a special purchase order??? -Mike

“Why” that opens up a whole area of supposition! Here is my explanation. With a drop shipment, if memory serves, the relationship is rigid, your sales order quantity and purchase order quantities must match. The special order uses the same funcitonality (and code?) but the difference is the goods come to your stores. Therefore logically you can actually buy more than you need for your special order, but obviously you cannot alter the sales order as you have already committed to purchasing the goods. That is “Why” in my opinion. Should it is a whole new question!

Thanks for your quick reply Steven, I can understand why it would allow you to increase the qty on the po line but it also allows you to decrease the qty - this I don’t understand! -Mike

I would guess that the logic is not as complex as changing the quantity up or down, it is the logic of just changing the quantity - allow it or not. They probably saw no issue with it!!