Changing Purchase Advice Report

Currently I am using 3.60. The company uses the Purchase Advice report to purchase product. However, the report uses all orders that are entered in the system and reports the purchasing needs whether the order is Open or Released. I would like to change the report to default to only Released orders. When I looked at the design of the report, I noticed the Item table was used. The Status field is located in the Sales Line table. Need some help on what to do to have the data read through the Released Sales Orders only for tabulation. Any ideas? Thx! PS: I know there are better reports to use for purchasing already and others are using these reports in the software but we have an employee who is not computer literate and unfortunately cannot comprehend other reports.

That would be a fairly major redesign. You would need to carry Order Status into the lines, then add a key, then add new flow fields in the item table. MSince its ust fo one person, (and fromt he comments, I can’t imagine that that person has a high level of job security), I would just hack a report by adding sales line or a function to go and line by line calculate the number. Other wise you will do all that work, the company will sie up, sack the person, and then have you do it again, and I am sure you don’t want your client wasting all that money.