Changing posting profiles


I need a bit of help, I am trying to change the posting profile in Sales Ledger > Setup > Customer Posting Profile

I am trying to change the existing summary account to a different summary account, but AX tells me:

“Account XXXX cannot be used as a summary account becasue direct postings are possible. Please check the account settings”

Can you help me solving the above?


Go to the account in question and on the General Tab in the Administration Field group select “Locked in Journal”. This means you cannot post journals manually to the account so the aged debtors will balance to the ledger because no manual entries have been posted.

Obviously you really want to clear down your debtors, when you receive cash it will offset the new debtors control whilst the original is in the old, so you will need to periodically journal these entries across.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your prompt reply! That has worked brilliantly, sorry I got confused.

Thanks again Adam.