Changing Posting Descriptions

Where must i go to modify the AP and AR posting descriptions. Currently the descriptions post as ‘Invoice PI-12345’. Looking at the ledgers it means nothing. Thanks Donnie

For orders, invoices, and credit memos, the description comes from the “Posting Description” field on the header. Using Form Desinger, you may make this field visible on the header, which will allow you to change the default description. The default is automatically created using the entry’s document type and document number.

Scott, Thanks you much. Because we are in the infancy stage of navision it may by best to be patient so that we can see all the ledgers and reports this posting description effects. But I would still like to know where i can change the automatic posting. Donnie

Donnie, in the sales header table(36) look in the IinitRecord function you’ll see “Posting Description” := FORMAT(“Document Type”) + ’ ’ + “No.”; similar code will be in the purchase header table (38) Steve