Changing picks Quantities

Hi Jouhayna

Surely the easiest way is to have the components read 2 bags - what do you do with the surplus? My memory tells me the picking document is only ever driven by the required quantity - you cannot pick “more” as you do not need to. You can pick less and complete the pick this manner, but you cannot pick more than you need as standard. However it has been a while since I looked at full WMS.

Hi Steven ,

I understand what are you trying to tell me , absoultely right .

About the surplus , till now I don’t know what we have to do in the surplus if they insist on this process .

I will think also in another secanrio to fit the process more .maybe needed to change inWMS setting up or may be needed to change our process … .

Thank you for your help … Anything new in this special case I will write it in this topic.

thank you again


Ultimately if you dispose of the surplus in the bags you simply alter the BOM and this will also make your costing accurate, it is if you pick 2 bags and then consume 1.5 bags and have to return 0.5 of a bag back somewhere the problens start, along with finding all the half bags to use up [:D]

I don’t use the productions granules but for inventory if I had this problem I would change the base unit of measure to be a 1/2 bag, and then set the requirement to 3.

One thing I have found is setting proper units of measure solves a lot of problems, the smallest unit of measure that you use should be the base unit of measure, if you use something in 1/4 bag increments then a 1/4 bag should be your measure, in your case you use 1/2 bags so that should be this items base unit of measure.

For selling the item, you would make the selling unit of measure 2 to sell a full bag.

Bingo! We have a winner!

Changing the UOM should resolve this issue.

Hi Steven ,

Yes your idea is very reasonable … I am going to try it on live .

Before receiving your suggestion :About my suggestion which is on trying stage is to make production order exactly doing 1.5 bag … but they can lift 2 bags … then putting the remaing in a zone related to the same zone where I am picking for production… I a still trying this scenario But I will have problem that we tell them to pick 1.5 bag but they will pick 2 bags … so the 1/2 will be related to the same zone but in another place .

I am still trying it. this before receiving your suggestion which makes me confess more .

in your solution which i think is the best 0.5 bag is the remaining will stay in the inbound production … after picking 2 bags and consumpt 1.5 … Now in inbond production I have o.5 bag …So next time we will pick 1 bag and consumpt 1.5 instead of making return…I didn’t try it yet … but I think it will succeed … What do you think steven Can I change the return step ? to pick 1 bag and consumpt 1.5 instead of making return ??

Thank you also for themave and MuzzyDawy …your idea is great but I think if I am not wrong that the solution is for something else … I can’t apply it on my case … if you follow the scenario from first you see that I need to produce exaclty 1.5 …

or I miss understand you … what do think steven about there suggestion … Am I right ?

But really a big thank for themave and MuzzyDawy for sharing in this our sensitive case .


You will get fluctuating costs altering the consumption in this manner - but does that matter to you as the “actual” cost will be correct - I am not sure are you standard costed? What you cannot know however is when the pick is produced it will still want 2 bags, and not 1 using the surplus - but as I said it has been a while since i played with the full workings of WMS, ultimately I am not sure what will happen, just that it will tell you to pick 2 - you need to only ever pick 1.5, and you are therefore always udner consuming and always undecided on “where” you actually get the stock from.

i do not believe the UOM suggestions will work, simply because even though you are told to pick 3 1/2 bags you still physically pick 2 as you are not going to divide bags at this stage, it is the same as picking 1.5 bags and only works if the item is held in the UOM being picked, and it is not - they guys will “physically” move 2 compelte bags. At least in teh way I understand it it is not the reflection of the consumption in Navision that is teh issue - it is the actual goods and the usage of them. (but i could be wrong [:D]).

Hi Steven,

It was very good to know all these things about my case .

I can understand what are trying to tell me very well . you are right .

Thank you for your uusal support

the uom should work fine, you say you are using the half bags, so you will have pile of half bags somewhere, either on the warehouse shelf with the full bags or in a pile on the floor in the corner, doesn’t really matter, you still are picking a net of 1.5 bags, Yes, some times you will pick 2 bags from a shelf, and only use 1.5 of them, so you need a procedure that tells your warehouse guys to put the 1/2 bag somewhere, but that is unrelated to Navision and is a logistic problem, not a software problem. You are only using 1.5 bags and Navision will have the proper inventory level for you if you use the proper uom. and your cost will be correct.

to take it a step further you should simply change your warehouse storage, maybe buy a set of containers that could hold a half bag of supplies, and when you receive the items, break up some into half bag containers. Or when you pick the two bags and only need 1.5, break the bag up at that point, and truely only deliver to production the correct quantity, leaving the extra 1/2 in its own container right on the shelf at that time.

What are you going to do, when you find you can buy the material even cheaper if you buy a barrel instead of a bag, and now you only need a 1/8 barrel for a production run. It all comes back to using the proper unit of measure, in this case your proper unit of measure is a certain volumn, like quarts or gallons, you are currently buying it in bags, but you might not always, so if you set your unit of measure properly you will be able to adjust to many different situations.

Hi David ,

I can see the importancy of what are you saying .Yes Here in this case I will have the best optimized way .

But I can’t break up the 2 bags … this is our problem … they need to pick up as two bags to the inbound production … so the 0.5 bag (remaining) will be the responsibilty of the production department … but still I didn’t take any decision about it …

I will try my best to take all the points from you and steven into consideration .

Thank you David for you support and concern in my case .