Changing login

Does anyone know how to change user login without having to close Navision or via open database?

Hi, As per my knowledge no other way.

Hi Rajesh, Thanks for your reply. But I’m just wondering why MBS doesn’t develop such small “nice to have” features? I don’t think it would have taken them a lot of time to develop it.

Hi Patrick, My quick and dirty ‘shortcut’ [^] is this: I always have two companies listed in the file menu-last opened companies, one operational (1) and one test (2). I choose the other company (i.e. TEST) and then directly press the Escape button and then again through the file menu the right company. I can log in with a different name. If you use the appropriate shortcuts (ALT-F, 2, ESC, ALT-F, 1) you only need 5 keystrokes to do it![;)]