Changing Location on Sales Line (C/AL Error)

We have an issue with one of our clients who is running on Navision Attain GB3.01a. Under certain circumstances, if you change a location code on a sales line, you get the classic error message that informs you that certain C/AL functions are limited in their use: (“The following C/AL functions can only be used to a limited degree during write transactions…”) I have managed to replicate this in a standard Attain GB3.01a database as follows: 1.) Choose an item with 0 on Inventory, say item: 1001 (Touring Bicycle) & change the Order Tracking Policy from ‘None’ to ‘Tracking Only’. 2.) Select a customer with no Location Code or Responsibility Centre - These are not used by the customer. 3.) Raise a sales order for the customer, and enter item 1001 on the line. 4.) Then enter the quantity on the sales line (Say, 10). 5.) Now try to enter a location - You will get the C/AL error message. The system appears to be trying to tell you that the item is out of stock, but is unable to. I have the following work around - Reduce the quantity on the sales line to 0 (Or if the order has been part shipped, reduce the quantity down to the quantity shipped), change the location & then reset the quantity, but obviously this is a problem if Reservations are used etc. I have reported this issue to Navision & am awaiting a response, but I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has encountered this issue (especially if they have a fix! ) Edited by - EBloom on 2002 Jan 04 17:41:10

Hi, I had similar issue, and it relates to one of the two functions: customer credit control or item availability control. Essentially, Navision starts a write transaction somewhere (logs, etc.) then decides to pop up a CONFIRM, or a modal form. This would cause the uncommited transaction to lock up the table that is being written into. So, instead of locking up the tables it bombs out. Try turning these checks off, and, if that helps, you could move the code, so that the availability/credit control happen prior to write transaction. Cheers, Alex

Hi Alex, Many thanks for this - We will look into it. I have had a response from Navision UK, who ahve advised me that this will work in the next version of Attain. Many thanks again.