Changing item types from BOM to item

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. My company wishes to make various metal components in house when we have capacity (type BOM) and out house by sub contractors when there is no capacity (type item). Changing item types from type item to type BOM is simple, but going the other way, when there is a history of works orders (ended) is not possible without deleting all works orders for the component. Is there a way to do this as we wish to have the flexibility of being able to make in house or purchase out of house and letting sub contractors supply complete.

In Master Planning you will have a suggestion to manufacture a BOM item, however in planning you can also choose to convert the fulfillment into a purchase order rather than a works order, therefore purchasing rather than making the item.

Hi, many thanks for the response. I was kind of hoping that we could just toggle parts between either being made outside (item type ‘item’) or in house (type BOM) and back again as and when capacity allows. Otherwise someone has to identify all of the parts at the planning stage and make a decision each time on a per batch basis whether to buy or make. I guess this isn’t possible?

Well ironically it is traditionally at the planning stage this is decided, you see the capacity from the planned order and then decide on certain lines that you will outsource rather than make in house.

Your best bet to meet your required flexibility would be to modify the system to meet your needs.

With BOM set up, you can set up a BOM line as Vendor or Production. You can also nominate the vendor number of the subcontractor.

In your case, I would think of using 2 BOM versions. Version 1 use item A (BOM item) as Production line type, Version 2 is set to Vendor.


  • If you are make to order. On sales order line, you can specify Sub-BOM version id. Master planning will take that version for planned order. Or you can select the BOM version number on Production Order.

  • If you are making to stock: you need to create 2 master plans for each plan and active/deactive BOM version each time you run master plan.

Hope this can help.