Changing item dimension group after having transactions

Dear all,
We need to change the item dimension group for some items in the MS Dynamics Ax 2012 CU3 in order to enable the location and pallet dimension levels for some items.
Please note that these items have transactions (purchase orders, production orders, … etc.)

Please is there any recommended solution to solve this issue.

You have to recreate the items and assign the new dimension groups and remove stock and book in at the correct cost with the correct attributes. If you wnat you can rename the existing items and create the new ones as the old number.

Many thanks[:)]

Hi Mahmoud AlGhrouz,

We can change the Item model group after settle ling the transaction, open orders etc for the items that were used, later can change the Item model Group.

Hi Ashwin,

Mohmoud was talking about Item Dimension group but not Item model group.

Coming to issue, We can not enable Locations and Pallets as transactions are existing for those items. As adam said, you need to re-create items and assign dimension group.

Dear Adam,

I need your suggestion, hope you don’t mind.

We need to change dimension group id for some of our items.

And I am going to follow your suggestion which is as follows:

  1. recreate the items
  2. assign the new dimension groups
  3. remove stock from old items
  4. add stock in the new items
  5. book in at the correct cost with the correct attributes

I only have a few questions below:

  1. can you suggest a way to book in the correct cost. (I think I should recalculate and pick the correct cost).
  2. what do you mean when you said “with correct attributes”, do you mean with correct warehouse and batch if used?
  3. Please let me know how can we create the new items with item number as old number.

I would really appreciate your help in this regard, it will help me big time.

Thanks & regards,