changing inventory posting groups

I need help changing inventory posting groups. Our only inventory posting group is finished goods and it we have several brands…it is difficult to track inventory and is not a great way to manage our business. I have created new inventory G/L account the way we want them and even got the inventory posting groups ready – how do I get the information from finished goods and interim into the right G/L accounts now.

Thanks for your help.


If I understood you correctly you want to move balance from previous G/L accounts to new G/L accounts. Using a General journal you can move balance between these news accounts. Don’t forget that posting groups should be setup to use new G/L accounts. Afterwards you could lock old G/L accounts to prevent using then in a future.

Yes this is what I want to do but separate the balance into 4 new inventory posting groups - this way we can align inventory, sales and purchases by brand. I know I can use dimensions but I still don’t have them down yet…

However, how do I change history…we want to go back to 2008 and make this change so that our inventory will be separated then. Our MS Partner did not set it up to meet our business needs.

This seems to be next to impossible - you of course can through G/L Journal post everything from old to newly created G/L accounts according to your needs, but it will be a huge job, depending of the count of transactions you have daily…More painless solution - you can repost only summaries at the end of the year 2008 to start this year correctly.

If you had used Dimensions from the beginning, that wouldn’t help you either - they can’t be changed after posting, only method - again thru G/L Journal, but in this case G/L Acc remains the same, only Dim values change.