Changing Gen Product Posting Group

One of my Navision customers has setup a new range of product posting groups to use from 1st May. She wants to invoice some existing sales orders using the new product posting groups by manually changing the product posting group code on each sales line. However Navision won’t let you then invoice the line if the sales lines have already been shipped under the previous product posting group code. Obviously the posted shipment lines is a protected table and shouldn’t normally be changed but can anybody think of a reason why changing the product posting group on the shipment lines would cause a problem? Any help appreciated, Jonathan

Hi Jonathan Do you have expected costs turned on? If you do the shipment will create entries to the COGS Account (Interim) from the general posting group that will be reversed out upon invoicing, if you force the change you can potentially have an imbalance on what would be reversed out (assuming of course you alter the GL Account being posted to). This is one I can thin kof off the top of my head!

Many thanks for the reply Steven. To be honest I don’t think they are using expected costs but just the fact that this would be affected is enough for me to avoid changing the posted table and gives me a reason to put forward. Many thanks