Changing decimal values for Amount

Hi All,

I needs to change the decimal values for all Amount. Currently Amount values are coming with 2 decimal places. Our client’s requirement is to make 4. So I need all the amount values should be displayed with 4 decimal places. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Faisal Raja J

Use NoOfdecilame preoperty if u want to display it on form .

2 camps on this, the ones that have changed it and tested it and say it is okay. Then there is Microsoft that say you need to do 6 months regression testing to ensure all calculations round as per a requirement. Discussed on here before, and in places like the MS Forum:

Hi Ganesh,

Thanks for the reply. I have already tried this.

It is only for display purpose however the values are calculated and it is rounded off to 2 decimals only as default.

If we change that EDT property it will display the result as follows.

2 * 1.22222 = 2.44000

but the expected value is 2.44444


Faisal Raja J

Hi AdamRoue,

Thanks for your reply.

I have already read those blogs. Even in some other forums, people are saying that they have approached Microsoft for this issue.

But Microsoft replied that it has to be done at your own risk [:(]

I am looking for the solution. Has anyone completed this task successfully ?

Any suggestions from your side ?


Faisal Raja J