Changing Customer Posting Group for a customer.


I am wondering about changing a customer posting group wrongly assigned to a certain customers.

What side-effects will that action have, assuming both customer posting groups (the wrong old one and the right new one) post to the same g/l accounts.

in my opinion since the both posting groups use the same acounts, I don’t think that is going to be a problem

But I think the problem will be for all the history where sales orders/credit memos header/lines have the old customer posting group, along with any other fields that contain the old value.

Many reports will reference the customer record, and therefore by changing it on the customer the “history” moves as well - you would need to check on where your reports reference the group and why. (I am making an assumption it is written to the sales header, I have not checked [:D])

Hello AdamRoue and thank you for your reply.

I am not worried about my custom reports, I am worried about Navision original reports.

Also, can someone confirm that financial wise the system will be ok, if the both customer posting groups use the same G/L Accounts.

Yes I believe there are no financial impacts to this, if the posting references the sales order it simply references the wrong group and posts to the right account.

Most standard NAV reports look at the customer record from my memory.