Changing Customer Name in NAV 2015

I am using NAV 2015. I am new to NAV. I would like to edit a customers name from a particular date. All the records printed after this date should have new customer name but all records before this date should be with old name.

Please let me know how to do this?

Thanks in advance.


When editing a Customer Name all records from that day forward, newly created, will include the edited Name.



If you are looking to print the old name on posted documents then I would recommend changing the customer name to come from posted entries as the posted entries would still have the old name if you have captured it. if not, then going forward only the new name would print once you change it as Steve explained.

Hope this helps,


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The data for posted document reports does come from the posted entries. What documents are you thinking about?

However any pre-existing unposted sales orders would continue to print the old name. Once posted, they would continue to print the old name. As Steven mentioned, only newly created will have the new name.