Changing costing method

Dear All,
I am facing a problem now where it is about wrong selected costing method.
The first is FIFO, but after several days ago, the management want it average.
I am very afraid about it because average is a dangerous costing method. As I have
seen in this following link:

Also, if it’s not able to avoid by us, how to change the costing method if there has been many trasanction recorded in general ledger and item ledger entry? because we have posted some item and the error message said the accounting period not close yet. Do I have to use the sign "{ " & “}” in the item table 27 C/AL editor of field costing method or there is other way…? I apreciate your answer so much.



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Code that restricts data changes is usually there for a reason. Do not comment it out unless you are confident that doing so will not cause issues.

The cleanest way to change costing method is to start new items.

True, but not always possible. For example I work in the Motor Industry Vertical at the moment, and the Item Nos. are the actual Part Nos. for the cars.

So in that instance it would be a non-starter.

Would also leave you with double the amount of records needed in the Item Table.

that mibuso link isn’t what you really need

search the mibuso or old mbsonline forum for “change costing method” and you’ll find a ton of posts.

for example

This is alwasy the safest way to do it, but as Tony says, its sometimes just not possible or practical. I have done a lot of revaluations of Navision databases, its not overly complex, but to do so needs a very good understanding of how Navision costing works. ALthough people often complain about the speed of the Adjust Item Cost routine, the reason is that it is very thoughrough, and it can be used to do a full inventory valuation. But its not a Step By Step process, its a case of knowing the clients database very well, and then spending a lot of time testing the logic of what you are going to do.
Bascialy if you are at the level of asking if its OK to remove error messages form Navision code, thenn for sure you are not ready yet to go and adjust costing with a screwdriver and spanner, you need to do it one of the standard ways, and that would be ideally as BaBrown suggests, but if that wont work, then Set all item quantitites to zero, adjust cost, post all to GL so that all costs are zero, and then bring inventory back in again.

the third option is to get in a professional to do a full inventory valuation, but I am getting th eimpression that money is an issue here, so is probably not an option.