Changing Costing method from Average to Standard

I have a customer who wants to change his costing method in Financials 2.0 US, from Average to Standard… I have talked to NavisionUS about this, and they reccomend the following Zero out all inventory runn the cost routines Change costing method Repost inventory This is a pretty cumbersome way of doing it, and my question is if anybody knows of an easier way of doing this, or if there is any utilities out there that will do this for me Thanks. /Rasmus Skov Pedersen

I’m afraid it’s even worse. As soon as there are posted item entries it is not possible to change the costing method. Therefore the only solution is to create new items !

I know that Navision will block for changing the Costing method, for the exact reason that it is only allowed when all entries for the item has been closed… Navision US actually has a help document describing this, and their suggestion is to disable the check for open entries ONLY if you are sure that all entries is closed. Creating new items is not a solution for my customer… Edited by - rasmusskov on 8/14/00 2:44:28 PM

Actually it is very simple. I have created a button on the form called change method, which allows me to change calculation method by forcing it into Item table. So far we have done it on couple of hundred records without adverce effect on any fo the GL or any other accounting information. If you need more help contact me at

would this mean that the accountants can easily switch between cost calculation methods ?

Hi Everybody, You can create botton and change costing method but!!! this will not solve your proplem. If you do not change Inventory GL account it will create more problem than pluses. If system setuped properly your Inventor GL account all tyme equal Summ of field “Cost posted to GL”. And this mean if you properly use batch job “Post Inventory Cost to GL” your Inventory Account, COGS Account, Purchase Adjustment Account … will have absolutely proper amount. And I can say more, you even do not need make Inventory<->GL reconcilation. (Sounds fantastic but this is true). Now If you change Costing Method in the Item Card without zero out inventory your inventory is mess add you will never find error becouse your all inveitory is one huge error. You have only one proper solution (as in first message): Zero out all inventory runn the cost routines Change costing method Repost inventory Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc. Edited by - Valentin Gvozdev on 10/6/00 2:57:53 AM

Sounds very optimistic and fantastic. In real life most of the users do not know the process, and I have yet to see any Navision installation where GL and Inventory coinside. Constant inventory adjustments seem like a way of life. To make it fast and clean, we forced “costing method” change using code without validate and then adjust GL as needed to have correct balance. :slight_smile: