Changing CaptionML

HI I am working on Attain 3.01A which is Multilnauage Enabled for Sapnish. Now my client wants to make the database German enabled too. Changing all the CaptionML in all the objects is a tedious job, Is there any alternative by which i can make at least the stadard objects to german enabled whihout manually changing the captionMl for all fields textconstants Etc. Regards

Navision provides several language-files for Attain. German is also available. And in addition - every german attain-user is able to export his german language-file. You only have to import this file into your solution. Sure there will be some fields, messages, etc. which you will have to handle manually, but the larger part of the job will be covered. For the translation of the rest you can use the translation-toolkit - also provided by your NTR.

You can find German language module here: