Changing bold or color attributes of entire tablebox line

I have several issues over time that I have not been able to find solutions for, so I am going to post them individually so that others may benefit. Here’s the first: Often, I have need to bold or change the font color of information displayed on forms or subforms to help group or give separation to large amounts of displayed data. Currently, I use code similar to the following in the OnFormat trigger of the textbox in question (‘DESCRIPTION’ as shown below changes to match the field source for the textbox being edited): IF “Payroll Control Type” = “Payroll Control Type”::Earnings THEN BEGIN CurrForm.“Description”.UPDATEFORECOLOR(TxtColor); CurrForm.“Description”.UPDATEFONTBOLD(TRUE); END; I’m having to place code in the OnFormat trigger for each and every textbox where I want the text to be bolded/colored, which is a pain to do and maintain if the tablebox consists of scores of text boxes. Can an entire line be bolded/colored using code which is located in one place and independant of each text box’s source field?

No you can’t change font for an entire line. The way you describe seems to be the only possible way. Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872