Changing batch ID's in item reclass. Jnl

Have a go at the following - any ideas on how to unpick it??? (GB3.01B) Set up an item with specific costing and lot/batch id required. Receive a couple of batches into stock with different ID’s on each receipt. The customer now discovers that the assigned ID’s are wrong and wants to assing new numbers. So, using the item reclassification journal, the customer has entered a journal line with qty = the total on hand. Under Line - item tracking, they have entered two lines for the existing batch ID’s. Under Line - New item tracking lines, they have entered the new batches. If the new number are one to one with the old it seems to work OK, but the customer entered multiple lines, the total qty of which added up to the required amount. Navision was happy and posted the line. When the customer investigated the ledger entries, they found that although the ledger entry had split correctly, the item tracking lines had not - all item tracking entries are assigned one item ledger entry number. The second, third… item ledger entries have no tracking lines. Bottom line is (if you’re still with me) that they can’t sell the items with no tracking. Also can’t close the entry by reversing as the tracking lines have more open qty than the ledger entry. Now the bad news. The above was part of a batch of several hundred lines - all slightly different scenario - but mainly all have something wrong. I was reaching for the back up tape but several days trading had gone before the error showed itself on invoicing. regards,

Just to update:- Microsoft say enter one line on the journal per batch that you are taking out of stock. Attain can deal with one to one or one to many but not many to one or many to many mapping. Still doesn’t get aroung the fact that Attain allows you do it incorrectly. Anyway, it is fixed for now - just took me several hours to manually re-map the tracking lines to the correct item ledger entry.