Changing base uom

I thought this issue had been discussed before, but I couldn’t find any postings on this, so here goes.

Are there any technical issues with changing the base uom for an item, with open transactions (currently blocked by Navision, but I am considering getting around that)?

For instance, item A has EA as UOM, and a qty on hand of 100 (value $200). I want to change this to BX. I do this by changing the qty per uom for BX to 1 and for EA to 0.10 (there is 10 ea in one bx).
Then I change the item card to say BX instead.

I did this in a Cronus db, and I ran the inventory valuation report, and nothing changed. I am just wondering if there might be any other issue doing it like this.

The reason I want to do this is that for one client of mine, they have a lot of items that they don’t stock them selves. For these items, they have to be able to change the UOM, because they might switch the vendor, which in turn might have a different UOM. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem with standard Navision except that for a lot of reasons, they do have inventory values on some of these items (perhaps the customer cancelled their sales order, but they couldn’t cancel the PO, so the item is received).Most likely the

Thankful for any input that you might have on this.


All item ledger and value entry quantities are in base units. Therefore, any process that summed quantities from either of these two tables would run the risk of summing quantities with different units (e.g. BX + EA).

I’m sure this has been duscussed a ton of times on but I know of this one quickly

Thanks. I did search both forums, but I couldn’t find anything. Guess I did put in some of the search terms incorrectly.

Thanks again

What didn’t the post I put answer for you.??

It shows that there are many things to consider when doing such a thing and other options:
-Entries should be closed
-It could effect reporting
-Just create a new item and start new
-etc etc.

Searching first for UOM & then “Unit of Measure” should help you. I see more posts on Mibuso for this subject.