Changing Base Application Objects


I have to change some Base Application Objects wich card, table, report e codeuinit.

On C/AL Programming Guide I have readen that I must add documentation, for example They had wrote on the manual

Changing Table Fields

Updates of Microsoft Dynamics NAV will not affect new fields that have been added to existing tables. That is, the new fields and their properties will be left intact. Because the fields are defined by field number, the field number is itself a type of documentation, but it is a good idea to indicate the relationship to the add-on application in the Description field on the Property Sheet. We recommend that you have your add-on application approved; you will then be assigned a reserved number series for the add-on application.

Can you tell me how add this Description on the Property Sheet, in this case, also where I can download documentation “Changing Base Application Object”


Hi ,

in the table designer , select the field you want to document the last column would be the descriion .

Add there a reference to teh change made (mention that in the documentation trigger as well )