Changing Accounting Periods before Year End

Hi Forum, one of my clients has their Financial year defined as Start 010905, End 310806 but I have just found out that this is wrong, it should be 011005…300906 and I’m looking for advice on the best way to resolve this without messing up their accounts. Should I…

a) Leave Start at 010905 and make period 12 start at 010806 and end at 300906 i.e extend the period to 8 weeks or.

b) Leave Start at 010905 and create a 13th period

c) Find out who entered them incorrectly in the first place and put a contract out on them

Which is the best method a or b or can someone suggest a far better resolution. I only found out the mistake when I defined next years dates prior to them closing year end.

c is not an economic option as he now lives abroad.


Hi Paul,

Can you tell me what is the format date that your client using? DDMMYY? MMDDYY?


Hi Zen, thanks for replying, the format is DDMMYY. The client has decided to go for a period 13 this Fiscal Year and I have now defined the Dates for the Next Fiscal Year correctly…Paul [:D]

Is that means your problem has solved?


Hi Zen, it sure does. They checked with their Accountants and the Accountants told them to go with a period 13. I will know on Oct 9th if it all works out ok when they close their Year End. Thanks for your input on this one. Have a good one…Paul [:D]