Changing a Global Dimension

I have had an interesting request.

What is the impact of changing Global Dimension 1 & 2 after say 2 years of use, and replacing with new Globals? Has anyone experienced this?


Aaah, just remembered report 83 Change Global Dimensions [:P]. Looks hefty, especially if you have a big database. All I have to do now is check all the development [:(]

I would like to know how it went. We set up Global dim 1 & 2 like 4 years ago. And we just don’t use it. So it’s a huge space eater - I’d like to just change them to “blank” again. I think this will take a very very very long time as it goes thru every record.

This report has had a questionable track record. At one release, the Item table was missing from the update. Just be sure to check that all the tables you have dimension data in are included.

I have had the same issues as Zarryn.

Please check this thoughroughly on a test db before doign it live. I would hope that by 4.00 sp2 things would have been fixed, but I have had problems with some tables not being updated in 3.6 and 3.7. I do remember the function being more reliable if you set dim 1 2 to blank, and then update to something new, but cant remember waht the exact issue was.

Dev first (Unit/System Test), Stage second (UAT), Live Third ---- Always [:D]

Anyway, I have decided not to pursue this further and let our partner solution centre in Hong Kong have the pleasure [:)], luckily they only have to implement on a blank company based on a copy of our database so they should not have the issues of running the report.

I only briefly ran the report to see what happend, and if I could process new transactions with the Global Dimensions changed. It seems ok, however I do worry about what was changed in the report if all those dimensions were just reset to defaults etc. Also, I found that you would still have to go through all the default dimension setup for the Chart of Accounts and manually change that.

Anyway, I hope I never have to go this this exercise for real [:#].