Changes in NAV3.70 document requires HotFix

So i was just looking through the ChangesInNAV3.70.doc file as we may be upgrading a client from 3.60… And i noticed this on page 7 of 249… -------------------- A16) Incorrect Use of SETFILTER on the Balance(LCY) Field on the Customer Card Form (21) Error On the customer and vendor card and on the statistics forms SETFILTER was used incorrectly, as special characters as & and | would be interpreted as filter commandos. This has been corrected. ---------------------- Please can somebody tell me what “filter commandos” are? Does the document need a Hotfix? [:D]

Filter Commandos are a special elite force. I saw it on CNN! They specialize in tracking down and debugging WMP’s (Warehouse Management Pheatures)…