Changes In Form PurchEditForm

i have one Form PurchEditLines which is called on 3 different Menues. for example PurchEditForm is called on “Posting Receipt List”, “Product Receipt”,“Confirmation”
I want to change only one " Posting Receipt List " but It changes the other 2 forms, what can I do in this situation. I want to change only one site (Form)

You must control the change by logic in code. For example, if you want to add a text box that will be visible only for receipt lists, you’ll add the text box and then manipulate its “Visible” property from code.

I would utilize PurchEditLinesForm class. You can add a method returning false by default (= the text box should be hidden) and then override it in PurchEditLinesForm_ReceiptsList and let it return true there. PurchEditLines contains a variable called purchEditLinesForm, which you’ll use to call your method.

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To provide you precise solution you can write your validation on form initialization event and make form control visible and not visible based on menu items which you are using to open from

use your logic something like this in Init event…


if (element.args().menuItemName() == menuitemdisplaystr(YourFormMenuItem))


//Write your logic for enabling and disabling form control

// get form control object from above code and get it enable and disable..


Syntaxes may vary but its a sample code which will help you.