Changes in 3.7

Hi Gurus, Could any one please update me on the changes(Not error) in 3.7 from 3.6. Thanks in advance

Hi Devinder The partner day I went on was in June 2003, and this is from memory so please forgive errors or omissions. Essentially it is a LARGE service pack for 3.60, but some functionality changes include: Service - the ledger entries are now always detailed, you can have multiple contracts and the same service item can be used on different contracts with different response times. Relationship Management - Campaign pricing/discounts. Outlook Integration. To-do’s/meetings have multiple participants. Manufacturing - There is now a standard cost worksheet to build new rolled up costs. Planning parameters have been re-written on the item card. WMS - New granule structure, and an undo facility. New Bin granule Finance - Payment tolerances have been altered. You have standard vendor/customer purchase codes for the quick entry of standard orders. The blocking flag has changed from a tick box to an option field. Thats all I remember [:D]

Dear Mr. Weaver, can You tell me, for which reason in Attain 3.60 it is not possible to create more than one service contract on the same service item? I’d like to take this change from 3.70 and implement it in 3.60. I immagine that it’s not enough to skip the check in the OnValidate of “Service Item No.” in the Service Contract Line Table. Do You know, which (or approx. how many) objects do I have to change? Thanks a lot!