Changed Average cost ,calculate not ending

  1. When I changed Average Cost Calc. Type from “Item & Location & Variant” to “Item” in menu Item Setup ,It’s must be adjust cost - Item Entries to present but in some items have recuring loop forever by notice Cost FW.Level and Entry No, be repeated several hours and not stop although its calculated to tomorrow. I tried again by the way I delete all transaction of Inventory except some items in above that be problems and calculated again , It was capable to finish calculation Have you been see event like me ?

Hi, Upto what hotfix you applied. If you are using 3.6 then look the hotfix 27 and others.

Thank you I 'll try again

I tried follow you by update Hotfix 27 (W1 3.60 Hotfix 27 TH Localized) but still not stop adjust cost ending

Try changing in CU 5895 MaxLevels := 5000; I haven’t undestood it yet but it should work :slight_smile: