Change warehouse for started orders

The question in the user forum (…/80214.aspx)) is unanswered and I need an answer for this, so I try it here.

We currently changed the warehouse for some items but there are already some production orders started with the old warehouse. Instead of renaming them hand by hand I want to automate it.

Is it a good idea to do this with an AOT job? Maybe with the code posted in my other topic (which, of crouse, must be edited to the right tables and fields)?

(also, I have more questions that are unanswered. Are there any other forums or (paid?) communities where I can ask this kind of questions?)

could you tell us what was the problem with your code that you posted in earlier thread…

Maybe nothing, but this is new to me, and I want to know if I am doing things at the right way.

Is it common to use this kind of code to achieve what I want? Or am I busy with stuff that can be done much easier?

well. i have tested that code in my test environment its working fine.

It would be better to test your code in your test environment with developer and then you could use it in production .

You cannot just rename it. You have to look at the status of the production order and whether the pick has been generated and/or stock consumed.