Change Valuaction Price using Av. Purchase Price

Hello All, We are using Navision 2.60 this is due to the fact that Incadea (Car Dealer System) does not yet support 4.0. Purchase Average Price is the Valuation method. Background. We migrated many 1000’s of items from a legacy system with the incorrect purchase price. Many of these items have been sold and re-purchased. Now at the accounting end-of-year are customer wants to correct these legacy items with today’s purchase price. But we don’t have a re-valuation program. How did you solve this problem back in those days 2.60 days. Question to Answer. To enable the program “Adjust Cost - Item Entries” to calculates the correct valuation price, we want it to first ignore all other purchase prices transactions for these items and secondly only take into account our new purchase price transaction. Looking forward to any input you have Graham

You should be able to do a revaluation in 2.6 by 1) zero inventory for all item (this means no open orders, etc) 2) run the adjust cost and post cost to GL periodic activities At this point the sum of the adjusted cost for each item should be zero. Inventory Valuation report should be zero. 3) reenter the inventory using the correct average cost. All future transactions will be based on this value. It is important to have all the old transaction fully applied and adjusted so there will be no problems when you upgrade to 4.0 (3.01 and later) due to addition of the Value Entry table and changes in average cost calculations. This may be obvious, but do this first in a test system to verify the results and to get the customer’s approval. Be sure to run inventory reports before and after to reconcile results. Remember to reconcile with the GL before and after.