Change the default lookupform

I have a form based on the table items. When you select the lookup via the arrow up you get the lookupform from the table. Is there a possibility to change this for one form. I have an adapted items form to use in a shop, but in no circumstance the costprice should be shown. All the regular item forms can use the standard except this one. Any suggestions ??? Rgds Benny Giebens

Hi, TextBox has option LookupFormID. Enter here your form ID. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc. Edited by - Valentin Gvozdev on 4/14/00 12:16:36 AM

Yes but this is the lookup of the field. What i want to change is the lookup you do when you press the UP ARROW on the screen (next to first/prev/next/last arrows). Rgds Benny Giebens

Consider modifying OnOpenForm for your lookup form - insert code that will conditionally enable or disable cost price field. Best regards, Otto Dreyer NRG Ltd.

Yep, modifying the oninitform is maybe the easiest sollution. Thnx Rgds Benny Giebens

There is another way, but it requires more coding. Any code in the OnLookUp trigger will override the standard LookUp functionality. You can call your other lookup form from here and pass the result back. I haven’t done it myself, but my instructor did it during training. It’s 5 to 10 lines. Regards, Mark